Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some Randomness

These first few pics are from my brothers 10 year anniversary at the deli.  They gave him a little party  and some nice gifts.  Glad we were there to celebrate with him!

 I love these balloons, they are Tye dyed.....
 Rainbow Cake and Chocolate Cupcakes--YUM :)

 These next few are from our last swim of the season.....
One of the new members of the 'hood'--Hayden Sage-- I didn't even know they made swimsuits this small, she didn't join the kids in the water but she was sure stylin :)

 I love this pic!! Pure Cuteness and innocence.
 Thanks for your head Chris :)

 The next few are Reanna getting her ears pierced (again).  Her first time getting them pierced, they messed up on one of her ears and went too low, eventually it was so low we had to take it out and let it close.  So she decided she wanted them pierced again.  A little nervousness and a few tears later, we made it through......

 Then she got to bungee...She loves doing this!!

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