Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soccer Ball--Game 1 & 2

That is what Hunter Calls it:)  These are pictures from practice and his first two games!

Here is is first Practice!

 On to Game 1......I got to the game late but I hear he was very intent on what the yellow team was much that he joined their huddle :)

He really isn't into kicking the ball that much during the game but he does run up and down that field a lot!!
 And yes, he is the littlest on the team :) 
 And the best part....snacks....

 Now for Game 2......
 More Running!
 His buddy Asher (and the Allen Fam) came to cheer him on after Carter's game....
I think Asher was giving him tips and making sure he was was so cute!!!

 Wait, I thought we were playing soccer not tackle football :)  Oh wait that is tackle grandpa.....Asher and Hunter thought it would be fun,  and the boys took papa down rather quickly!!
 After Hunters soccer game we went over and cheered on Carter who was playing flag football.  That boy has got skill!!! 

What a beautiful day it was for the games!!

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