Monday, June 11, 2012

Birds and the Bees

My mom told me I needed to put this in Reanna's baby book but since I use my blog to document things and make a book, I added it on here.  Reanna and her friend Carter T. were in one day talking with a friend of mine.  They were very deep into discussion when he proceeded to ask the kids what they knew about the birds and the bees, (with no intention of expanding on this...or at least I hope not :)  )  Reanna looked at him very seriously and says......"Birds poop and Bee's sting."  Cracked us up!! 

However to add to the funniness of it all, he was pooped on by a bird that day....Couldn't have been better least for us anyways :)  Some days you just feel like you have been pooped on!!

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