Friday, May 25, 2012

A tribute to......

my "littlest man".  They got his headstone done just in time for Memorial day.  It is perfect.  We had found this pattern on the internet (that made the stone look like it was a baby block) and took it in to our local guy to see if he could make one like it.  Amazingly enough he was able to do it exactly like we wanted.  I can't even begin to thank him for this awesome memorial he has created for us!

Front Top Side-
In Loving Memory of our "Glory Baby"
Kooper Riece Eilrich
Oct. 6-7, 2011
Son of Steven and Tiffani
Brother of Reanna and Hunter
 Back Side-
"Let the little children come to me" Mark 10:14
 Right side
 Left Side
 Bottom--The block is setting at an angle as you can see above.
I think it is just so unique......

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