Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend

Last weekend,  we made a quick trip to Kansas City.  It was my mom, Reanna, GG, Aunt Duh, Cassie and Aunt Stacey.  We took off and went to see my great-great-great Aunt Virginia (I really mean 3 greats!!). It was a short but memorable weekend.
 Reanna's new hat....So cute!!
 Reanna and her Great, Great, Great, Great Aunt Virginia....WOW once in a lifetime.
 We went to see some more of our family while we were there.  Reanna got to meet her cousins--Remi, Talin, Paige and Jaiden.

 More Cousins....Brandi and Nicole
 Getting Ready....
 My Grandma and Aunt Virginia--
(For some reason the coloring of my pictures are a little off...sorry)
 4 Generations
 4 Generations with Aunt Virginia setting in for my Great Grandma Louise....Miss her so much.  She would have loved to have been on this trip!  We know She was in spirit though!!
 3 Generations w/ Aunt V...

Stacey joined us as well (My uncles Wife) 

 It was a wonderful family filled weekend. So glad we got to spend this time together.  Life is too short to pass that up! 

I arrived home to a dozen roses with a card from my 3 kids and husband. Steve is very good at including Kooper for me on things like this. I am very sensitive to it and always want Kooper to be included no matter what!
The roses were gorgeous, If I could, I would pause the life of a rose!!

Happy Mother's Day 2012.

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