Saturday, May 19, 2012

All Schools Day

Last Friday was All Schools Day! This year Hunter enjoyed from the sidelines and Reanna, Steve and I rode on the Kindergarten float.                                 
 Our friends Carter and Danica on the May Day Royalty float
 Carter, Reece and Mallorie's float.....Grand Prize Winner
 Reanna was obsessed with the bag pipes...little did she know our Friend Terran was playing them :)
 Here comes our float.  The theme was Hearts Filled with Peace.  So we went outside the box and our theme was Washington Elementary has a "piece" of my heart.  I thought it was rather cute and clever and everyone did a great job especially with the amount of people we had helping :)

 Daddy rode with Ryker's dad and they pulled the float.

 Reanna with one of her preschool teacher. She was sooooo excited to see them.
 Reanna with her Kindergarten teacher.
 Carter, Reese and Mallorie getting ready to "board" their float.

 Kindergarten Teachers
 Preschool Teachers
 Carter T. joined us mid parade from his royalty float.

All schools day is always a fun tradition.  There is the parade, carnival, food, games and always tons of FUN!!  Another year year is the big 100th year of this day. Can't wait to see what it brings!!

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