Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Fun Full Weekend

This past week was a full weekend but as always we had fun. The morning started off by horse rides at the Tractor Supply. Reanna wanted to ride but Hunter wanted nothing to do with it. He wanted to ride a feeder instead :)

Next was a special lunch with our friends, Ollie and SueVaun. I officially got to meet Olivia in person for the first time since she was born in Sept.
Olivia and her sister Lizzie were born at 28 weeks. Just 3 weeks before we had Kooper.
(On a side note--3 Days before we had Kooper- Lizzie went to Heaven-So we will wait to meet her someday :) But for now, her and Kooper play togther and watch over us. )
Ollie is so precious and was just so content during lunch. I am glad to finally meet her.

This is Ollie with her mommy!
Thanks ladies for a great lunch!!!

That afternoon was an egg hunt with friends.

And off he goes

He just wanted to sit and eat jelly beans!!

There were some awesome treasures in the eggs!!

Group photo!

After the egg hunt we came to our house and hung Easter Eggs on Kooper's Tree.
Sissy hanging her egg.



Allysa & Cole




Karlie (and mom)

Big Brother Hunter hanging his.


All Finished. It looked so cute until the wind and rain came this week and knocked almost every single one off...:(

Play time!


Reanna got a hold of my camera again...(I have to say this is a very cute pic) :)

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