Monday, April 30, 2012

Play Time with Kooper

That is what I really time with Kooper.  My mom bought bubbles for the kids to go over to Kooper's memorial site and "play".  I was doing really well until Hunter started talking to him.  It was precious.                                                                       

 One little bubble landed exactly on top of where he lays and did not pop.  What an amazing moment.  I knew he was right there with us.
 A family pic. 

 After they were done blowing bubbles, mom, Steve and I were crying and talking....We look over at Hunter and he is rearranging the little things we had on his grave site and was just a talking.....

 Then we look over at Reanna and she told us she was doing a dance for Kooper.

  Even though he is not here we can still enjoy time "with him".  Love you all so much!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

BBall Clinic

Reanna has been taking a basketball clinic with the HS men's coach. She seems to really enjoy it.....:)

More Park Fun

Again....we had another busy Papa and Nana to the rescue.....Ice Cream, Ducks and Playtime.

One for me, one for the ducks!

Principals Club...x2

Reanna made the principals list again for the month of April. This time it was for "Balance"....Making positive choices and focusing on her priorites. Once again we are so proud of her!


I was off work all last week.....our Friends the Buchman's ask if we wanted to join them for a picnic and play time at the park.......

Smooth Talkin' the girls already.

Big Brother steppin in for his sister :)


Cookie Time

Check out that smile!!

Kansas City

I surprised Steve a couple of weekends ago by going to Kansas City (no kids) for a long weekend. We had a great time and I feel like it was really good for us. Papa and Nana kept the kids (thank you bunches)

Couldn't go to KC without a trip to Cabelas

Spent most of one day shopping in Legends....Lots of bargains :)

Checked out the new casino...I am not a big gambler and it showed lost my "allowance" and was done. Steve won a little and put it back in :)

A nice shot of the speedway from our hotel room.

Several hours in here!!

After we left KC we headed to Topeka and stayed with my cousin amber and her husband Jesse for the night. We sent the guys off and went and had pedicures!!!

It was a wonderful weekend. Missed our kiddos but enjoyed spending some well needed time together. Mom and Dad, thanks for helping with the kids so we could do this!! Steve, thanks for a wonderful weekend together. Kids, thanks for spending time with Papa and Nana. I love you all!!