Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I finally did it......

I finally got a tattoo. I have wanted one for a long time, but would always chicken out. Finally this past Saturday my friend Jami and I went (along with our husbands) and got one. I was planning on getting all the kids' footprints on my shoulder--with Koopers having wings and a halo. When we went to see if that could be done (after going to 2 different tattooing places) they didn't have time to do all the footprints that day. I decided I was not leaving without one :) I didn't make any rash decisions on what to get....so I went with what I had originally wanted before the feetprints and that was a cross. I got it with 3 flowers across it with the kids' birthstone colors. I really like it! (good thing huh?)

And...Jami ended up not getting what she had planned but again no rash decisions and she got the chinese symbol for patience on her wrist. The experience was amazing. It hurt but it also was kind of a rush. I am glad we went and it was a great outing with our friends :)

I was soooo nervous here!

There were definetely some places that hurt more than others.

Finished Product

Jami's turn

Her finished product