Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Supply Cake

Thank you Pinterest! My mom found this cake on there and I loved it, sooo I decided to make it. I thought it turned out well considering my mom didn't even have to help (ok so maybe I had to borrow her hot glue gun :) ) Reanna's class will be giving this to the teacher next week at their spring party.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I finally did it......

I finally got a tattoo. I have wanted one for a long time, but would always chicken out. Finally this past Saturday my friend Jami and I went (along with our husbands) and got one. I was planning on getting all the kids' footprints on my shoulder--with Koopers having wings and a halo. When we went to see if that could be done (after going to 2 different tattooing places) they didn't have time to do all the footprints that day. I decided I was not leaving without one :) I didn't make any rash decisions on what to I went with what I had originally wanted before the feetprints and that was a cross. I got it with 3 flowers across it with the kids' birthstone colors. I really like it! (good thing huh?)

And...Jami ended up not getting what she had planned but again no rash decisions and she got the chinese symbol for patience on her wrist. The experience was amazing. It hurt but it also was kind of a rush. I am glad we went and it was a great outing with our friends :)

I was soooo nervous here!

There were definetely some places that hurt more than others.

Finished Product

Jami's turn

Her finished product

Friday, March 16, 2012

Principal's Club

For the month of March, Reanna was chosen with a couple of her classmates to be in the Principals club. This months Key of Excellence is "Commitment". It says she does a great job of keeping promises to herself and to others She also understands that commitment helps her to overcome obstacles and reach goals. Because of her selection, she got to each lunch with the principal, got a notebook and her name will appear on the wall at school!! We are very proud of her!!

Family Gathering

Last Weekend we went to my uncles to visit with our cousin from Texas and celebrate my aunt's bday.



Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Lorax

We went to the movie The Lorax at the Imax theater in Wichita. The kids loved it. They even got to wear cook 3-D glasses.

This is Reanna's new picture pose....nice huh??

The Screen was HUGE

Little blurry...sorry

The kids were in Aw. They barely moved a muscle and didn't talk through the whole thing!!

Last Basketball Game

Last Saturday was Reanna's last basketball game. The team did great. And Reanna even scored a basket. I was so proud of her.

Guarding :)

"Pink Unicorns"

Cowboy Cru's Bday

A few weeks ago our friend Cru turned three. We didn't get to make the party cause the kiddos were sick. We are sad we missed but hope he had a great day!

Happy Birthday Cru!!