Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Full Weekend....And Valentines

Warning....lots of pics. I have again wrapped multiple events from the weekend and earlier this week in one post :) So here we go...

1.One of my friends sent me flowers the other day just because....she sent three beautiful white for each of my beautiful children.

They couldn't be more perfect 2. Saturday morning....Another Bball game

3. Saturday later in the morning, we went to the church and the kids did a service project where they made, frosted and bagged almost 500 sugar cookies. They then greeted and handed out cookies before the church services on Sunday.

4. After making cookies, on to Charlie's 5th birthday party....bowling. This was Reanna's first time to bowl.

Birthday Boy

Thanks Charlie for inviting Reanna to your party. She had a great time!!

5. This is a little out of order but after serving at church, we worked on Valentines.

Hunter played on the computer while sissy made Valentines.

Moving on to Bubble Guppies...

You Rock Valentine! From Reanna.....iPod Valentines.

6. Back to Saturday....We Celebrated Tucker's 15th bday with Supper and an Ice Cream Cake.

Happy Birthday to our 1st "Little Man" :)

7. Tuesday morning, the kids got their Valentines presents. Reanna was all decked out in pink and Red for her Valentines Party at school....Topping it off with a Bow from Bows and Bands! :)

Enjoying some chocolate!

8. And finally, Tuesday afternoon was their class Valentine's party. Thanks Chelsea for capturing pictures for me......

This was their Valentines holders that they adorable!!!!

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