Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six on Sunday.....

Does it work to do six on Sunday instead of Ten on Tuesday :)

1. Reanna participated in another cheer clinic and cheered and did a dance at half time of the basketball game. She even got her picture taken with 2 basketball players Abby and Katelyn.

2. Just a couple random pictures of Hunter. He fell asleep the other night this way. So cute and innocent. The picture below it is him and sissy with OREO in their teeth....he kept showing us his teeth :)

3. Saturday was round 2 of basketball, just as fun as the first game, they are really getting the hang of this.

4. Here are the kids with their new toy....a see saw. Hunter just giggles when sissy bouces him. It also spins round and round!

5. Thursday Reanna had a paper in her back pack saying her teacher selected her for student council for February-March. We thought that was so great she was selected. That does mean early morning meetings for her and that we have to get around a half hour early.....oh boy :)

6. And last.....the kids have been wanting to put up a tent with blankets, so I told them we would get out their pup tents that they had......when we went to set them up they were all broke. So Nana found how to build a tent out of pvc pipe and blankets. Much more sturdier than the plastic they give you with the others. Papa, Daddy and I had fun building it and the kids have enjoyed playing in it.

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