Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Warning....Lots of pics.  This is all of our Christmas' wrapped up in one post :)

It started out with a visit from my friend Dorothy......It was so good to catch up with her.  Reanna gave her a snowman pic that Dorothy proudly displayed on her fridge at home.

She come bearing gifts. Reanna got some snazzy zebra print shoes and Hunter got some cool learning keys.

 She even brought me a new running shirt.  Can't wait to try it out.
 Next was Christmas Eve, we started out going to our Christmas Eve Church Service.  The kids loved it this year as they got to hold a lighted candle.
 After Church it was time to open some gifts. The kids opened their gifts from Steve and I and the grandparents.

 We all got lots of neat things. 
 Daddy and Hunter got Reanna and I a day at the spa....manicures, pedicures and some girl time.  Reanna was so excited.  Can't wait to spend some mommy time with her.

 On to Christmas Day.....
Santa ate up his milk and cookies....

 Hunter finally got from Santa his Remote Control Red Truck......He hasn't stopped playing with it....I don't know how many times we have had to charge the batteries.
 Reanna got her Victorious doll she wanted, Brave and a Sewing Machine

 Opening tons more fun gifts later that afternoon from Papa, Nana--New camo coveralls, books, clothes, and so much more! 

From...Aunt Duh and Uncle "Fraig".  "A million dollars" :)
 Uncle Zo adopted them a Hippopotamus from the Zoo.  We can't wait to go see their name on the display. 

 And then our last Christmas for the year....GG and Papa Don's

A new addition to the family...Skyler
 Hunter was trying to be so patient waiting.....A  new pearl snap flannel shirt, a cars book and a learning tablet.
 My family is so good about remembering Kooper.  My grandparents got him a 2012 snowflake ornament for his gravesite.
 Reanna got a blinging new shirt and some Orbeez....lovin it.
 The kids both got new lounge chairs from Uncle Kurt and Aunt Stacey

 Playin some yahtzee.  My grandma loves to play and she ended up whipping us both games.....
 All the stockings that my grandparents prepare for ALL of the family.

What an awesome Christmas we had.  Thank you to all of our family and friends for the wonderful memories, gifts and fun!  We love you all! Have a wonderful 2013!!

Chistmas Light Tours

For the past couple of years, we have bought the kids Christmas Pj's that they get to open early and then we go look at Christmas lights.  This year they got a Christmas movie to watch after looking at lights and ice cream!!

We also went to Wichita to look at lights with Nana, Papa and Uncle Zo.  We went thru the Lights on the Lake at Heartspring.  They were so neat.

The kids even got to have there pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus and have cookies and hot chocolate. 

Heartspring is a very neat facility.  I was very moved when we went inside and seen all the pictures of the activities they do with the children with disabilities.  Pulled on my heartstrings....I am so blessed!
After Lights on the Lake, we went looking at houses, and found this one.  I believe they said  it had over 1 million lights on it.  The kids were in awe :)  And told papa they thought this house beat his lights....I have a feeling papa will be adding lights next year!!
I love making memories......