Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blessings from Above

Kooper has blessed us more than we can say even though he is not on earth with us. He shines down on us continually reminding us that God is good and to trust day we will all be together. On the night of his viewing, Reanna was being tucked into bed, and she accecpted Jesus into her heart--the night of October 13th, 2011. What a beautiful gift that I am sure was given to her by her brother in Heaven.

It is amazing the faith of a child, I soooo wish I had that. She knows that Jesus is always there and Trusts Him Always and knows that He will take care of her. Yesterday she told my parents she was ready to be with Jesus, she is not afraid to go home to her ultimate Father and be with her little brother. As a human and a mother I told her she had to wait or we all had to go at once. I can't wait for the day that He comes and we all go home and be our complete family.

Again this was the picture of Reanna telling her little brother about Jesus and the wonders of Him and where their brother is. This was just hours before she asked Jesus into her heart.

This is a picture Reanna drew for Steve and I 2 days ago. This is an out of the blue drawing of Jesus on the cross with the other 2 crosses in the background. There is blood being shed on the cross from Jesus. What an amazing image that was given to her. (We had nothing to do with this--she was by herself when she drew it)

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