Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reanna's 6th Birthday Slumber

We celebrated Reanna's 6th birthday with her friends by having a PJ party sleepover. We had 9 kids come to celebrate with her. It was a blast. Nana helped by spending the night since mommy is still recouping from surgery. The kids were awesome--they all were very well mannered and everyone got along.

Big Girl with Big Attitude :)

Our friend Mindy took Hunter for the evening so that that he wasn't "bothering" the older kids. They had a happy meal from Mcdonalds and then play time with buddy Asher!!
Making homemade pizzas for supper!!
Reanna & Ryker

What an awesome group of kiddos.

Nana helping instruct on how to make their pizzas.

"Eat Time"
(Reanna has said this since she was little instead of supper time)

Carter & Haely

Opening presents....she LOVED all her gifts!!

Ice Cream Cake from DQ

Aunt Duh added to the party by bringing her a Pinata.

Blowing out her cool candles...they were hot color swirls.

Papa stopped by for a few moments...he didn't stay long :) LOL

Reese and Mallorie

Carter T. wearing the pinata as a birthday hat!

Charlie also wearing the pinata bday hat.

Time for a movie......Cars 2

Haely, Mallorie, Danica

Snuggling In



Popcorn Time with the movie

They went to bed around 10:15 pm and woke up at 6:30 am the next morning (thanks to Hunter--He was ready to party some more!)

So we enjoyed sprinkled donuts, glazed donuts and powdered donuts.

Enjoying his sprinkled donut :)

They all wanted to go outside so out they went in the frigid cold.

Reanna thanks everyone for helping her have a great bday party.

And Thanks to everyone who helped me with the party as well!!!

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