Friday, November 25, 2011

More Kooper Pictures

Here are some more pictures of Kooper with the family and some pictures that the nurse/photographers took after he was born.

My 3 Kids!! Love them so much!!

Papa Dana, Nana and Kooper

Kooper and Uncle Zo

G-G (Great Grandma) and Papa Don and Kooper

Aunt Duh, Uncle "Fraig", Cass and Colton with Kooper


Larissa with Kooper
Cousin Cassie and Kooper
Papa Ray came to visit Kooper that first day, However, I didn't get a picture of them as I was so in and out of it that I missed taking a picture and everyone else had needed to run some errands!!

Holding on to mommy and daddy

Mommy's Glory Baby

10 Little Toes--The ring on his toe is his ring, it is not much bigger than a clasp of a necklace. Mommy is going to wear it around her neck to keep his memory close to her heart!

10 Little fingers
Snuggling with his bear
Full Profile

Check out those muscles!!

This pictures was taken the night of the viewing at the funeral home, a friend captured Reanna telling Hunter that Kooper was going to be with Jesus. You can see him pointing his little finger up at Jesus. This is priceless. Thanks Cheri for taking the picture!!

I am so glad we have these pictures to hang on to.

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