Tuesday, August 30, 2011

14 Weeks

Now that I am almost 15 weeks I a finally posting my 14 week info!!

Size: A lemon--3 1/2 Inches Long, 1.5 Ounces

Movement: None yet, but am hoping soon!!

Symptoms: My regular clothes are just not fitting so well......a tad bit snug. And I seem to be in the bathroom allll the time :)

Cravings: Dill Pickles

Updated: We had a Dr.'s appointment on the 26th, baby was doing great (Yes I have a picture but not with me so I will have to post it later) and growing like it should--all things at this point should it was developing as he/she should. The hemorrhage was still there but it had not grown. The Dr's would like to send me to Wichita for a more in depth sonogram to find out more about the hemorrhage. That should be sometime mid september. (Hopefully we will find out what it is).

Words of Encouragement: God is my strength and Power, And He makes my way perfect

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