Sunday, July 24, 2011

School Shopping

Reanna starts Kindergarten on August 17th, so this weekend we went school shopping. We figured it was the best weekend between now and when she starts school that we could go. So off we headed to Salina (we left early thinking we could beat the heat but that didn't work out to well, considering it was 100 degrees at 9:30).....

Trying on shoes and getting supplies at Target. More supplies from Wal-Mart--And some swimmers for her brother :)

We decided to go ahead and get her haircut while we were at the mall. A nice fresh start and a hole lot easier on Mom and Nana when doing her hair.
It was a little wind blown by this point.

Packing it all away in her New backpack. She had to get this backpack because it had ALL the princesses including her favorite from "Tangled".

And a special story for mom to read the night before she starts.
I am sure I will be in tears but I know she will do just fine!!

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