Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun Times ahead

This Little Monkey is going to be a Big Brother

This little love bug is going to be a Big Sister

Yes that is right, we are going to be welcoming baby #3. He/She is due to arrive in February. However there is already a story behind this little one!!

Steve and I found out we were pregnant on June 14th. Yes, you are seeing correctly I took 3 tests....just to make sure :)

On June 22nd we told our parents by having the kids wear the shirts shown above and of course they were very excited. On Friday, June 24nd, I was at home and had just talked to the Dr. as she wanted to have me do some blood work to check my levels, they were a little concerned with what they saw on the sonogram. It kind of scared me but I knew my Dr. was doing the best. Not even 30 minutes after she called I had went to the restroom and found every new mom's nightmare---blood (Sorry to be graphic). I panicked. I went ahead and had my blood work done, the Dr. had called me a little later after I continued to bleed. She was pretty sure I had miscarried. Wow talk about a horrible feeling. I tried and tried to tell myself it was in God's hands and he knew what was meant to be and this obviously was not in His plan.

Later that evening my Dr. called with the results of the blood work and said my levels were in good range and to have more blood work done on Sunday. Again still thinking I miscarried it was a long sad weekend. By Sunday evening, the lab had told my pregnancy levels went up, which is a good sign. So we yet again had more blood work on Wednesday. Again, my levels went up. Another good sign. So on Thursday, I had another sonogram.

The sonogram showed, we still had a baby, we saw the heartbeat--it was 117 bpm. They did say there was some concern but had to wait for the Dr. to tell me. So I went through the weekend and on Tuesday found out that the baby sac was irregular shape and low in my uterus, two worrisome signs of ending in miscarriage. Again, a low point of thinking I had lost the baby. The Dr. wanted me back in Wednesday for another sonogram.

To our surprise, the baby was still there. A heart beat of 148 bpm and the baby was still growing. The good news was the baby wasn't as low as they thought but the sac was still irregular shape making my miscarriage rate higher. We went out positive though.

Two days later at lunch time, I started bleeding again. So I called the Dr., she felt like this was not to much of a concern at this point and to call if it got worse, it was better through the weekend until Monday night, when I went to bed and had this whoosh feeling......More blood....and yes another call to the Dr. on Tuesday. That afternoon I went in for yet another sonogram. This time.......Baby was still there and doing well, 169 bpm and growing. However this time we found out the culprit of the bleeding. A subchorionic hemorrhage (basically a blood clot), it is really hard to explain (you can google it) but there are a lot of positive stories of women that have had these and everything has been just fine.

On Monday, I had another sonogram and the hemorrhage had grown but it is still small. Baby is still growing and doing fine. 183 bpm and growing. We even got to see the arms moving around. Even though the hemorrhage is growing I still have faith that it will go away just as I have read for others.

I have another appointment next Wednesday....with yes, you guessed it another sonogram :)

Wow can you say roller coaster ride. Though all of this I have learned to Trust God and that I am NOT in control......I pray for the hemorrhage to go away and for the baby to continue growing!!

These were some flowers from a co-worker--she knew what was going on because I missed a day of work because of what we thought it was the miscarriage.

Some cheer me up cookies from our neighbors/friends--The Buchmans!!

Here was our "3rd" Sonogram--I know it is hard to tell what it is...
7 Weeks Along
Heartbeat: 148
CRL (Which is the length from the top of baby's head to the baby's "bum")-8.7 mm

Songram 4--
8 weeks along
Heartbeat: 169 bpm
CRL: 14.0 mm

Songram 5--
Almost 9 Weeks along
Heatbeat: 183 bpm
CRL: 21.9 mm

I have a motto for this pregnancy--a lady told me they had a sermon in her church about this.....Hakuna Matata......For those of you Lion King fans you know it means:

No Worries for the Rest of your days.....and they added God will take care of us. So......

Hakuna Matata----No worries for my days, God will take care of us!!! Love it!

I will keep everyone posted along the way.......

I want to thank my family and friends for your support and upcoming support. It may continue to be a long road ahead and I couldn't do it without you. A special thanks to my parents for everything they do and have helped with the kids and physically and emotionally. And a super thanks to my wonderful husband--who has been by my side, helped me with the kids non stop, done housework and already took care of some of my food cravings. I love you all!!!

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