Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Weeks

I have a friend (Jami) that had the neatest blog throughout her pregnancy, she went week by week with a picture of her and then highlights of her pregnancy for that week. So I ask her if I could borrow bits and pieces of her idea and she graciously said yes :) It is just such a neat idea to remember all the little moments that pass by so quickly!!! we go......

So this is me at 10 weeks...yes I look huge already :) If I can make some excuses, I did just eat, Steve did take this from a bad angle and some of my regular clothes make me look bigger than I really am!! Did the excuses work? :)

We had another sonogram today:
10 Weeks
Heartbeat: 172 bpm
CRL: 30.1 mm

10 Week Highlights:

Size of baby: The baby is the size of a Kumquat--which is a small orangelike fruit with an edible rind.

Movement: Currently I cannot feel any--However I did get to see his/her arm move on the sonogram today.

Symptoms: Tired, some nauseousness

Cravings: Salad, Chips and Salsa (particularly from Carlos) and my mom's homemade hamburger dip (which by the way mom, could use some now! ha)

Update on Hemorrhage: We did find that the hemorrhage is still there and grew a little bit, not as much as last time but a little. The doctor was encouraged that the baby is growing as it should. So we hope this is a good sign!! There is really nothing that we can do but pray. We pray that my body will absorb it and go away especially before the 2nd trimester.

Words of Encouragement: Rest in Me, my child. Give your mind a break from planning and trying to anticipate what will happen. Pray continually, asking My Spirit to take charge of the details of this day. Remember that you are on a journey with Me. When you try to peer into the future and plan for every possibility, you ignore your constant Companion who sustains you moment by moment. As you gaze anxiously into the distance, you don't feel the strong grip of My hand holding yours. How foolish you are My child! Remembrance of Me is a daily discipline. Never lose sight of My Presence with you. This will keep you resting in Me all day, every day. (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

School Shopping

Reanna starts Kindergarten on August 17th, so this weekend we went school shopping. We figured it was the best weekend between now and when she starts school that we could go. So off we headed to Salina (we left early thinking we could beat the heat but that didn't work out to well, considering it was 100 degrees at 9:30).....

Trying on shoes and getting supplies at Target. More supplies from Wal-Mart--And some swimmers for her brother :)

We decided to go ahead and get her haircut while we were at the mall. A nice fresh start and a hole lot easier on Mom and Nana when doing her hair.
It was a little wind blown by this point.

Packing it all away in her New backpack. She had to get this backpack because it had ALL the princesses including her favorite from "Tangled".

And a special story for mom to read the night before she starts.
I am sure I will be in tears but I know she will do just fine!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun Times ahead

This Little Monkey is going to be a Big Brother

This little love bug is going to be a Big Sister

Yes that is right, we are going to be welcoming baby #3. He/She is due to arrive in February. However there is already a story behind this little one!!

Steve and I found out we were pregnant on June 14th. Yes, you are seeing correctly I took 3 tests....just to make sure :)

On June 22nd we told our parents by having the kids wear the shirts shown above and of course they were very excited. On Friday, June 24nd, I was at home and had just talked to the Dr. as she wanted to have me do some blood work to check my levels, they were a little concerned with what they saw on the sonogram. It kind of scared me but I knew my Dr. was doing the best. Not even 30 minutes after she called I had went to the restroom and found every new mom's nightmare---blood (Sorry to be graphic). I panicked. I went ahead and had my blood work done, the Dr. had called me a little later after I continued to bleed. She was pretty sure I had miscarried. Wow talk about a horrible feeling. I tried and tried to tell myself it was in God's hands and he knew what was meant to be and this obviously was not in His plan.

Later that evening my Dr. called with the results of the blood work and said my levels were in good range and to have more blood work done on Sunday. Again still thinking I miscarried it was a long sad weekend. By Sunday evening, the lab had told my pregnancy levels went up, which is a good sign. So we yet again had more blood work on Wednesday. Again, my levels went up. Another good sign. So on Thursday, I had another sonogram.

The sonogram showed, we still had a baby, we saw the heartbeat--it was 117 bpm. They did say there was some concern but had to wait for the Dr. to tell me. So I went through the weekend and on Tuesday found out that the baby sac was irregular shape and low in my uterus, two worrisome signs of ending in miscarriage. Again, a low point of thinking I had lost the baby. The Dr. wanted me back in Wednesday for another sonogram.

To our surprise, the baby was still there. A heart beat of 148 bpm and the baby was still growing. The good news was the baby wasn't as low as they thought but the sac was still irregular shape making my miscarriage rate higher. We went out positive though.

Two days later at lunch time, I started bleeding again. So I called the Dr., she felt like this was not to much of a concern at this point and to call if it got worse, it was better through the weekend until Monday night, when I went to bed and had this whoosh feeling......More blood....and yes another call to the Dr. on Tuesday. That afternoon I went in for yet another sonogram. This time.......Baby was still there and doing well, 169 bpm and growing. However this time we found out the culprit of the bleeding. A subchorionic hemorrhage (basically a blood clot), it is really hard to explain (you can google it) but there are a lot of positive stories of women that have had these and everything has been just fine.

On Monday, I had another sonogram and the hemorrhage had grown but it is still small. Baby is still growing and doing fine. 183 bpm and growing. We even got to see the arms moving around. Even though the hemorrhage is growing I still have faith that it will go away just as I have read for others.

I have another appointment next Wednesday....with yes, you guessed it another sonogram :)

Wow can you say roller coaster ride. Though all of this I have learned to Trust God and that I am NOT in control......I pray for the hemorrhage to go away and for the baby to continue growing!!

These were some flowers from a co-worker--she knew what was going on because I missed a day of work because of what we thought it was the miscarriage.

Some cheer me up cookies from our neighbors/friends--The Buchmans!!

Here was our "3rd" Sonogram--I know it is hard to tell what it is...
7 Weeks Along
Heartbeat: 148
CRL (Which is the length from the top of baby's head to the baby's "bum")-8.7 mm

Songram 4--
8 weeks along
Heartbeat: 169 bpm
CRL: 14.0 mm

Songram 5--
Almost 9 Weeks along
Heatbeat: 183 bpm
CRL: 21.9 mm

I have a motto for this pregnancy--a lady told me they had a sermon in her church about this.....Hakuna Matata......For those of you Lion King fans you know it means:

No Worries for the Rest of your days.....and they added God will take care of us. So......

Hakuna Matata----No worries for my days, God will take care of us!!! Love it!

I will keep everyone posted along the way.......

I want to thank my family and friends for your support and upcoming support. It may continue to be a long road ahead and I couldn't do it without you. A special thanks to my parents for everything they do and have helped with the kids and physically and emotionally. And a super thanks to my wonderful husband--who has been by my side, helped me with the kids non stop, done housework and already took care of some of my food cravings. I love you all!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


At midnight on Thursday night, Hunter woke up at midnight with his eye swollen shut. Steve and I took him up to the ER (thank goodness my parents live down the street, Nana came and stayed with Sissy). We found out he had pink eye. It come on so incredibly quick and he hasn't been out to any place or around anyone with it......But he had it. After 2 hours in the ER, they sent us home with antibiotics and an eye cream. He does very well taking both 3 times a day......

Here he was after we got home frome the ER, this even looked so much better than when we took him.

So.....In the past few days we have used a lot of this.....
And done a lot of this.......

To make sure we protect these beautiful eyes......

Here he is today, so much better and being ornery....:)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Foxfire Water Fight

I think this will be our 3rd year to participate in the annual Foxfire Neighborhood Water Fight. Every year we add more people and it continues to be a ton of fun!!

Let the war begin

My mom and I filled up probably close to 1,000 water balloons that day!
It was one side of the street against the other

Brian attempted to "attack" and ended up on the ground!!

Hunter just wanted to play with the hose and tubs of water

Carter--This kid has an arm on him!!

Reanna ended up on the "other side"....And Melisa and Cole in the wading pool

They tried to "rush" us.....I am not sure who won :)

Our side of the street

The girls (Mallorie and Reanna) loading up!!

This was so much fun! I am so thankful for the neighbors we have and the "hood" we live in!!!!

Random Summer Pics

She loves to play with worms!!

So Sweet!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

4th of July weekend held a lot of fun! Sunday night my grandparents held their 1st annual 4th of July party. We had hot dogs, corn dogs, corn on the cob, watermelon, homemade ice cream. We did water games and fireworks. We had a blast.

Reanna doing fireworks

Hunter loved snappers and sparklers

Aunt Duh playing with Sparklers too!

Hunter listening intently to Nana

Reanna snuggled up with GG & Papa Don

The Crew

On Monday afternoon, several families in our neighborhood rented a water slide for the kids to play on!


Thanks Melisa for taking Hunter down!!

Thanks Allen's for letting us use your backyard!!

Uncle Zo getting in on the fun too!!

And some of the dad's!!

Nana and Papa made Sno-Cones for all the kids

Karlie cooling off with a Sno-Cone too.

All Done!

After the slide fun we went out and shot off fireworks with the neighbors and watched the city fireworks show from our yards.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!!