Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Update

Our weekends have been busy, so I decided to do a weekend update :)

Ok so this wasn't quite the weekend but had to add the t-ball game....she was actually standing and not in the dirt.

Hunter cheering her on.

Made it to 2nd place.

Playin Catcher

On Saturday night, we went to a little circus that was in town....She got to ride the horses...Hunter preferred to watch on the "sidelines"

Hula Hooping with over 100 hula hoops.

Can't have a circus without clowns.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Me and my beautiful kids.

Bow & Arrow--shooting the balloon

Man shooting out of a canon

Then on Sunday, we attend our friend Mallorie's 5th Birthday.

Eating Cake in the playhouse

Carter Man

Present Time

They will make great dad's someday!!!

What a cute smile!!!

Karlie loved the party!!!
Cru and Hunter

The Birthday Girl

Cole & Cru

She was rather irritated that I had her get into the "baby" pool for a picture ;)

Great Party Mal!!!! Thanks for inviting us!

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