Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun Times

The kids had a fun day with some of their friends.

First they played with Carter and Asher while their mommy was at work.

Poor Asher was left with the "baby" swing.....We haven't put the big swing up yet :)

Then Reanna played T-Ball against her friend Reese's team.

Swing Batters!!

Socializing on 2nd Base
Then they got to play with Mallorie, Cole and Karlie after T-ball....This was the only picture I captured but it was too cute!! Hunter was giving Karlie LOTS of kisses before he left :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


Saturday was my cousin Cassie's wedding. It was so beautiful!! Congratulations to her and Colton!!! Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!!

Friday, Cassie took Reanna (the flower girl) to have her nails and toes painted. She had a blast with the "big" girls.

Friday night was Rehearsal and Rehearsal Supper!!

Tucker escorting GG and Papa Don in.

Tucker (brother of the bride), Mother of The Bride, and Step-Father of the Bride

Saturday was the big day...GG doing Reanna's hair

Cassie talking to the Groom on the walkie talkies :)

Bride, Flower Girl and Grandma

The bride helped all her attendants get dressed before she did....

Reanna and one of the ring bearers

Mother of the Bride and Grandma

Waiting patiently with Uncle Craig and Papa Don

Decorations at the reception and dance

GG and Papa Don with their 3 Great Grandkids

Hunter shakin his booty

Hunter dancing with Aunt Duh

The beautiful bride

Dancing with the Bride and Groom

Daddy was trying to get her to dance...She was too busy socializing:)

Reanna and her cousin Airionna Dancing

GG-Papa Don-22 Years Married

Daddy & Mommy-8 1/2 Years Married---
And in the Background, Aunt Duh and Uncle Craig-8 Years Married Papa & Nana-25 1/2 years Married

Cass and Colton-3 Hours Married


What a great day! I am sure I will have more pics when Cassie gets them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Update

Our weekends have been busy, so I decided to do a weekend update :)

Ok so this wasn't quite the weekend but had to add the t-ball game....she was actually standing and not in the dirt.

Hunter cheering her on.

Made it to 2nd place.

Playin Catcher

On Saturday night, we went to a little circus that was in town....She got to ride the horses...Hunter preferred to watch on the "sidelines"

Hula Hooping with over 100 hula hoops.

Can't have a circus without clowns.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Me and my beautiful kids.

Bow & Arrow--shooting the balloon

Man shooting out of a canon

Then on Sunday, we attend our friend Mallorie's 5th Birthday.

Eating Cake in the playhouse

Carter Man

Present Time

They will make great dad's someday!!!

What a cute smile!!!

Karlie loved the party!!!
Cru and Hunter

The Birthday Girl

Cole & Cru

She was rather irritated that I had her get into the "baby" pool for a picture ;)

Great Party Mal!!!! Thanks for inviting us!