Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cassie's Bachelorette Party

My cousin Cassie is getting married in a couple of weeks so Saturday night was her bachelorette party. It started at Sumo's restaurant and then on to Club Rodeo--this "old momma" only went to supper :) And I might add supper was surprisingly really good!!

Cassie and her bridesmaids

Cassie and I
Yep that is my brother, he whined enough that she let him come!!!!

Another Cousin Larissa, Aunt Rhonda, Grandma and Cassie

Grandma and Cassie

Larissa....AKA "rissy do dah" :) She has been called this since she was a baby!!!

Peggy and Amber

These three together are "Scary" :)

Opening Gifts

The start of supper!!

Volcano Onion

Choo Choo!

That was all the pics from supper because I was stuffing my face!! :) ha

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