Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monkey's 2nd Birthday

Hunter turned 2 on Friday. We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with a monkey themed party.

Mom made the cakes and I decorated all but the face, outline and writing!!

My little monkey man!!

"Happy Birthday to You"

Trying to blow out the candles that are already blown out!!

My friend Angie has started up a little side business of face painting. So she graciously agreed to paint faces for the party!!





Even Hunter let her paint a football on his cheek

Aunt Duh

Nana--AKA Grandma Pig

Present time

Asher trying on the goggles

Larissa and Aunt Duh playing Barbies!!! You are never too old!!

Cassie's Bachelorette Party

My cousin Cassie is getting married in a couple of weeks so Saturday night was her bachelorette party. It started at Sumo's restaurant and then on to Club Rodeo--this "old momma" only went to supper :) And I might add supper was surprisingly really good!!

Cassie and her bridesmaids

Cassie and I
Yep that is my brother, he whined enough that she let him come!!!!

Another Cousin Larissa, Aunt Rhonda, Grandma and Cassie

Grandma and Cassie

Larissa....AKA "rissy do dah" :) She has been called this since she was a baby!!!

Peggy and Amber

These three together are "Scary" :)

Opening Gifts

The start of supper!!

Volcano Onion

Choo Choo!

That was all the pics from supper because I was stuffing my face!! :) ha

Tucker's Graduation

My cousin Tucker graduated from 8th grade last Tuesday. I can't believe he will be in high school next year. Seems like yesterday he was Hunter's age.

I only got one picture at the graduation and it was not a good one!!

Congrats Tucker!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pre-K Graduation

Yesterday was Reanna's PreK graduation. It was very bittersweet!! And I shed only a "few" tears!! Can't believe how much she has grown and matured in a year!!

GG-Papa Don-Tucker-Hunter-Uncle Zo

Aunt "Duh" and Uncle Craig

Nana and Papa

Papa Ray

Reanna was in the Busy Bees Class...so appropriate for her :)

Processional--This is where the tears really started flowing!!

Getting her Diploma

Loves and Hugs from Ms. Treva

All Done!! I am picturing this in 13 years.....

Reanna and Her Teacher Ms. Treva.....She loves her teachers so much!!

Her other teacher/helper....Ms. Tabetha

After graduation we had a little congratulations party for her with pink balloons and all!!

Chelsea let her have these from her graduation party

GG can still take down Tucker.