Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hunter is 2 months away from his 2nd birthday. For part of his birthday present, we are going to take him to see Elmo! We were just going to take him and let Reanna stay with Nana and Papa (since she has been so many times). One day she saw it on TV and told Nana that we really needed to go, and Nana asked her if she wanted to stay with them....her answer...."Nana, we really NEED to go as a family! " said in her most to the point serious voice :-) Whatever it takes to get to go!! And yes, she is going with us :-)

Hunter has been counting to 5.....that is now that he is finally not skipping 2. When we would hold up 1 finger he would say one, when we hold up two fingers he would say three but then get back on track at three...it soon became a game!! And this would go on and on and on...finally the other day Nana got him to add two to his counting. Here is a little video.....

Going back........Several months ago our DVR went out and we lost the recorded commercial that Hunter and I were in for the Anesthesia department at the Hospital. I was able to contact the hospital and they sent me the video!!

In Reanna news......she has had yet another busy week at school.....Community week.
They had the vet come in--

A Pastor come in---
A dentist come in--
And they got to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up--
for Reanna--A Teacher

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