Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started out by the kids opening a small gift from mommy and daddy-- filled with books, flip flops and an authentic KU shirt right from Allen Fieldhouse :-)

Then in the afternoon, mommy went to Reanna's class and helped with the Valentine's Party.
First off--passing of the Valentines!

Next was crafts--this is what I helped with. My mom found the idea and help put things together. The kids did such a great job and they were so cute. I didn't have any pictures of them doing the crafts, as I was a little busy helping 12 preschoolers put these together. But here is Reanna's finished product.

Now on to snacks! Best part of the day :-)

We topped the evening off by taking goodies and leaving them in Daddy's truck!
Happy Valentines Day!!

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