Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Week of Christmas

Here is our week of Christmas (WARNING....Lots of Pictures)

On Monday before Christmas, we met the Allen's at Winter Wonderland and the kids went on the train ride. Sorry I don't have many camera died....The kids rode and rode and rode again :-)

On Christmas Eve, we went to my parents house and celebrated with them, my brother and my father in law. Hunter wasn't feeling the greatest but we thought we could get through supper and gifts. After all the gifts were open he just kept getting worse. He was really lethargic and could hardly hold his head up so we took him to the ER. Found out it was yet another bug and a a couple days later he bounced back.

The kids in their new chairs from papa and nana.

She was so excited about everyone opening the presents she got them that she let almost everyone else open in front of her. Proud moment!!

Papa Ray opening

Papa Dana opening

Mama helping Hunter open since he wasn't in the mood.

Nana opening

Nana's gift from Reanna

Reanna's turn

Papa helping Hunter put up his new train....he did love that!!

Choo Choo

Uncle Zo opening

Hunter and his new big boy bike from Papa Ray

Mommy's turn

and Finally Daddy

Our name rock from Nana and Papa

The next morning Santa came to visit, first thing they saw was their new basketball "cold" (as Reanna calls it)

Hunter was still a little under the weather but opened some more gifts

So Excited

Santa came in and redid the kids' bathroom into more kid friendly colors!!

Reanna's first response to the bathroom was "Dad look at the bathroom, it looks horrible" Luckily it began to grow on her and now she loves her polka dots....

Later Christmas day we had lunch at my parents and my grandparents came in to join us.

And of course the Christmas Story was playing the whole time :0)

After lunch, Aunt Duh, Uncle Craig and Tucker came bearing gifts.
Reanna got an Easy Bake Oven....hopefully she can teach mommy how to cook!!

GG and Papa Don....Papa Don was trying to give GG some Christmas Kisses....LOL

Hunter got an inch worm.....

Then to finish Christmas out, we had one more at my Grandparents house (GG and Papa Don)

My brother and I's self portrait

Hunter opening his stocking.....

and gifts....he got the most adorable cars robe.....

Reanna opening gifts

We want to thank everyone for a wonderful Christmas and for all the great gifts!!! Happy 2011!!! May you have a blessed year!

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