Monday, January 17, 2011


This past weekend we traveled to Ft. Collins, Colorado to move my brother. We left Thursday afternoon and came home Sunday. Quick trip but we had fun. Zo has settled into a nice apartment in a nicce part of town (actually from all I saw there was not a bad part of town, it all looked very nice, safe and clean). We are sad that Zo moved but we know this is what he wanted and that he will do well wherever he is at. Love you Zo!!

It was about a 7 1/2 hour trip (we could have gotten there ealier if we didn't have to make so many pit stops for nana) ;0) The kids did great, they slept, watched movies and Hunter played with a wipe for 2 Hours (not kidding)!!

We headed out early to Estes Park which is only about 45 minutes at the most from Zo's Apartment. We stopped at a friends cabin that is just before you get into Estes Park and on in we went. Reanna says "These mountains are beauties"--As we entered into Estes, there were tons of Elk crossing the road and then laying on the side of the road, I have pictures but for some reason I could not get them to load. As we went on to the down town area there were more HUGE elk on the side of the road and I am talk husband and dad were loving the scenery.

Dad driving through the "beauties"
After walking through the shops we stopped and ate at Bob and Tony's Pizza. Delicious!!!

Reanna chowing down on Real Rocky Mountain Oysters....She says, "Mom, this is Good chicken!!", someday I will tell her what they really are!!

They were tired out from Estes.

That evening we met a good family friend of ours, Rob, and went out to a wonderful restaurant called The Rodizio Grill--A brazilian Steakhouse. It was so good, they had appetizers, a huge salad bar and 16 types of meat to try and they just kept bringing it until you said stop. Needless to say we were stuff.

One of the man servers serving the food.

Our family with Rob. We have not seen him since I was pregnant with Reanna so it was so good catching up with him.

On Sunday afternoon, we met up with more of our family friends. Shopped at the Loveland Outlet Mall and topped the night off with supper at Mimi's Cafe.

Reanna, Hunter and Ava

All the kids---Our friends moved in next door to us we I was in 8th grade. Our parents are great friends and us girls are good friends and went to school together and so were the boys.

Us with our kids. For Steve and I, Ava is our niece for now!!
We added the husbands in this one.....They are important too :) Couldn't have the kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews with out them :)

Nana with the Grandkids.
We left Sunday morning. It was bittersweet and tears were shed leaving Zo. But I am positive that we will be making more trips to Colorado!!
Zo's Apartment

Last pic with the kiddos before we left.
Goodbye Colorado, Goodbye Mountains....Until next time!

Colorado Sunset

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