Saturday, December 31, 2011

More than just Shopping at the Mall...

Tonight we headed to the mall for me to do some shopping, However it ended up being a fun house for the kids!

Daddy and Hunter waiting for sissy so they could ride on the train

Sissy was jumping on the bungee while they were waiting

Doing flips in the air

Sissy was done so away they went down through the mall

As they were riding the train, Reanna spotted an ice skating rink. She begged to skate so after they unloaded from the train away we went to the next stop.


She even made a friend

She did a really good job for never having done it before.

Who knew the mall could be so fun for the kids and mom :)

Christmas: Part 2

Santa came to visit Christmas Day morning. The night before Reanna left raisen bread for Santa and carrot chips for the reindeer.

Santa brought Reanna a princess castle.

And Hunter a remote control talking Lightening McQueen

She came in that morning with a piercing squeal that sat Steve and I up in the bed "He got me what I always wanted" :)

He could have cared less about the other presents once he saw "Queen"

Santa brought Reanna some oreos and left her a note on them. He said he was very happy that she gave up one of her oreos at her class party and so her classmate would have 2 like everyone else and she would only have 1. Makes me very proud that she did that!!!

His new "laptop"

Opening stockings

Wow...gotta love mornings.

Daddy got new lenses for his glasses and mommy got a new mothers ring amoung other things :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas: Part 1

The first part of our Christmas started on Christmas Eve. We went to our Church's Candlelight Christmas Eve service which was as always so refreshing and beautiful. After that we went to our parents house to have supper, snacks and to open gifts.

The kids enjoying opening gifts!

He was flinging paper higher than his head!


Lovin it

"Show me the money"

Had to tease mom with her new frog jammies

We can't have a family gathering without someone sitting on GG's lap :)

Uncle Zo

Never know what you are gonna get...half a bottle of floor cleaner....oh wait, there is a gift card attached :)

Steve getting his truck jack and his garage heater.

Papa Ray

Nana opening her frame from the grandkids

Uncle Craig and Aunt Duh

Papa Dana

Cass & Colton


Papa Don

After everyone opened gifts, my mom and dad gave us a priceless gift. It was a Kooper doll. The baby doll had been hand made and was the exact weight, height, head circ., fingers, toes and everything just like Kooper. It was the neatest thing and now when I have that longing to hold him, I can hold the doll to help ease a little pain and remember the memories of him.

A few tears were shed.

I brought "him" home, wrapped him up in Koopers blanket from the hospital and put him in a wicker basket in our curio cabinet. That way I can see "him" everyday.

Thanks to all my family for a great Christmas eve!! And for all you do! We love you lots!!!