Thursday, December 2, 2010

18 Months Old

Hunter was 18 months on Saturday. He went for his well child check up on Wednesday. His stats were 21.8 lbs (5th %), 29 inches (I didn't get a sheet but looking at my chart that might be close to the 5th % as well)
Here are some highlights:
  • Now that he is 18 months, he got to move from the Nursery to his Sunday School class. He enjoyed his first day last weekend.
  • He likes to sing E-I-E-I-O and make the animal noises.
  • Loves my dad's Elk head that is hanging on the wall (mom you are brave) --and points and says elk-- . Now anything he sees with Antlers are Elk.
  • We are slowly continuing on the potty training. The other day he told me peepee and I ask him if he had to go and he said yes so I put him on the potty but I think he was going when he told me....but hey we gotta start somewhere :-)
  • Daddy and the kids put the decorations on the Christmas tree and he has already been into it.
  • He had his 1st ear infection last week which ruptured the eardrum, but it was small enough that the Dr. feels it will heal just fine.
  • Eats about anything but his favorite is bread.
  • All in all he is growing and progressing as should!!

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