Thursday, November 25, 2010


As the holidays are here, I can't help but think of my great grandmothers that I was very close to. My Great Grandma Weeze past away my freshman year of high school and my Great Grandma Clara past away a year and a half ago. 1 week exactly after I had Hunter. She did know that I had him but didn't get to meet him. I am so sad that they didn't get to meet one or both of my kids......I miss them terribly!!!! Love you both!!!

My mom found these pictures of my Great Grandma Louise when she worked at Wal-Mart and met Sam Walton.......
Reanna with her Great Great Grandma Clara

The FIRST Thanksgiving

We had a "first" this Thanksgiving.......My mom has been working with Hunter for about a month now to start him on potty training. We started with Reanna at 18 months so we thought it was time to at least try with him. He will usually tell her "poop" but by the time they make it to the potty its too late..... However.... today, his face was getting a little red and we ask him "poop" and he shakes his head off to the bathroom they went. And......he went "poop" in the big boy potty...Yeah.....he was so excited and laughing and of course like every male, he had to check it all out :-)

Some pictures for him when he gets older :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Musings

Reanna got a tent and tunnel from Papa and Nana for her birthday and have been playing in it!! I found Hunter in it the other night coloring on his magnadoodle....

I finally got a booster seat for Hunter for the table. He is now a BIG boy when he eats.

Reanna had her Thanksgiving program today, it was so cute. She even got to play a part of one of the 5 little Turkeys sitting on a fence. She sure can move like a turkey!!

Happy Monday!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Royal Princess

The last piece of her birthday was a Royal Princess Treatment at the local spa. She got her fingers and toe nails painted, makeup, her hair done and a gift. Mommy, Daddy and Hunter gave that to her for her birthday. It was as much fun for mommy to watch as it was for her!!

She told me this was her "Attitude".

Shall we say 5 going on 15 :)

5th Birthday-Part 2: It's Party Time!!

For Reanna's party, we went to the YMCA to swim, jump on the moon bounce and play some basketball. According to Reanna, she had a great time.......
Cakes courtesy of Nana Sherri

Amber and Jesse playing basketball.


Charlie and his Dad

Karlie, Brian C., GG, Papa Don, and Aunt "duh"


Reanna after going down the big slide!

Mallorie and Cole jumpin in

Hunter chillin out in Papa's arms

Carter Jumpin

Peggy Sue
Aunt "duh" holding Reanna's Tutu :-)

Nana Socializing

Uncle Zo and Hunter

A Princess Castle! Daddy and Papa Ray

"Happy Birthday to Reanna", "Happy Birthday to You!!"
Make a Wish!!

Present Time...
Thanks to everyone for making her day (and week) special!! :)

5th Birthday-Part 1

Reanna Celebrated her 5th Birthday almost 2 weeks ago (I am a little slow blogging), mommy was sick the day of her birthday but we made up for it the rest of the week/weekend. On Wednesday, she started the day out with her 5 year checkup, she is in the 90th percentile in both height and weight and seems to be doing great. After that, she got to take Smores on a stick to preschool to celebrate. Ms. Treva made her a "pink" princess crown and had a candle to blow out. What a special time!! The rest of the week was filled with cards, presents, pictures and getting ready for the PARTY :)

Ms. Treva and Ms. Tabitha

Happy Birthday Princess!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eye Exam

Reanna and I had our yearly eye exams. I forgot to take pictures while Reanna was doing her exam but as I was doing mine, she quickly found my camera in my purse and was doing self-portraits.
In doing her check up, it is a possibility that she may have to have glasses to read. We are going to monitor it for a few more weeks and if she continues with the "symptoms" we will be purchasing her glasses. Oh boy!! The good part is she can see far away, it is her near vision that needs some help! But she did a good job at the Dr. Office and you can see her "self-portrait" work below.

Birthday pictures to come!!