Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 Neighborhood Picnic

Every year the neighborhood has an End of Summer Picnic. This is our 3rd year to attend and it is so much fun. The kids love it because they get to play with lots of kids and past bedtime :-) The day was beautiful. It did get a little chilly towards evening but we all pulled out the pants and jackets and continued the fellowship.

Hunter is playing ball with Jami, while Cru is "Cruising" around!!
The girls were busy working on a dance routine and playing basketball.

The "Dad's" playing games...

Reanna is on the right playing with side walk chalk.
Hunter was rather busy himself running in all different directions. It wasn't mommy trying to wear the kids out it was the kids wearing mommy out :0)
Enjoying the evening!!
Thanks to everyone for a great time!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

MHS Bullpups

Walgreens was having free pics with the Cheer sqaud and Spike the Bullpup.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sooner Football!

For Steve's birthday my parents, his dad and us went together and surprised him with 3 tickets to the opening OU game. We gave them to him last weekend and he was sooo excited. We decided we would take Reanna and see how she liked it. At first when we got to our seat she was not real thrilled but it was warm and a pretty long walk for her little legs to the stadium. But about the end of the first quarter she was getting into this game thing. She was doing the OU cheer and some other cheers....see "funny" note.....and socializing with the people around us. When it was time to go she asked if we could come back, so I am taking that as it was a success taking her. Happy Birthday Daddy!(Pictures below)....On a funny note, I have engrained the Jayhawks in her head that the first part of the game she kept saying go KU, and go Jayhawks really loud :-) I think she needed to root them on a little more considering what their game looked like.....Yikes!!!
In the meantime, we felt like Hunter was way to little to go to the game so he spent some quality time with Aunt "Duh", Uncle Craig and Tucker.
Daddy with his OU princess!!

Too busy checking out what was going on around her to pose for the camera :-)


Her "new" OU Cheerleader outfit. If we would have let her she would have been on the field with the actual Cheerleaders. She wanted to go down with them sooo bad!!!

Reanna was taking pictures of the band....she did a great job taking pics!

Final Touchdown of the night!!!

All Sooner'd Out!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of Pre-K

On Wednesday we were able to start Pre-K. She was sooo excited. Mom did good until I dropped her off and started home. The tears started flowing, mostly tears of joy for her but some tears of sadness thinking "where did my baby go". She told me she had a good day. On her take home paper for the first day of school it ask what was her favorite part and she said "playing with my new friends and eating snack" :-) Socializing and Food.....That's my Girl!!

Outside the school getting ready to go in. I tried to get a picture in front of the sign but that didn't fit into her schedule ;-)

Her Cubby!


Now this is what I call Chillin'

A tribute to my parents....Part 2

Here are some more pictures fom the surprise party:
Dad is behind mom
Some of their buddies

Mom's good friend she has not seen in several years!

Sisterly and Brotherly Love :-)