Monday, August 30, 2010

Dr. Suess

My parents took Reanna to see Dr. Suess on Saturday. There is a new series starting on PBS so they got a sneak peak and then got to meet him!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Tribute to Our Parents Part 1

My parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary and My mom turns 50 in September so my brother and I decided to throw a surprise party for them. We did a reception and dance to celebrate. Congratulations Mom and Dad. We Love you!!!
I will have to break this up into two parts because blogger keeps timing out on me :-)

15 Months

Hunter turned 15 months old on Friday. He has his well child checkup and here is what he is up to.

Weight: 20.6 lbs (5th Percentile)
Height: 29" (5th Percentile)

New words: Yeah, tries to say dog and cat, poooop, and I am sure more that I just don't understand.

Hunter likes to take anything on top of the tables and throw it on the floor. I go behind him and pick it up and like 3 sec. later it is on the floor again, I guess it is a good ab workout.

Likes: Cars or should I say anything with wheels, being outside and riding on things, his sister (as long as she is not smothering him), food.

Dislikes: The grass which is ironic cause he likes being outside. I think that is about it.
He is still a pretty laid back little boy.

Happy 15th months, little man.


Reanna's first day of Pre-Kindergarten was Friday. However, we have no pictures because she did not get to go on her first day. Literally, an hour before she was suppose to go to school, she spiked a fever to 101 therefore she could not go. She was soooo upset and crying that it broke my heart and I ended up crying along with her. So REANNA's first day of preschool will be Wednesday and I should have "first day" pictures then.

Enjoying the Weather

Wednesday evening our friends the Brunks and us took advantage of the gorgeous weather. We went through Mcdonalds and then went to the "Rainbow" park as Danica calls it and played and played and played. Had a great evening!!

Bridal Shower

Last weekend we went to Topeka to celebrate another wedding shower for my cousin who is getting married in October. This was a pampered chef cooking shower. Enjoyed the day away for a girls day out and a very pretty shower. Congrats Amber!!!

Cutting the Cake
Her Future Sister In Laws and Shower Hostesses!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Preschool Open House

Tonight was Reanna's Preschool Open House. She was a little nervous going and asking lots of questions, but once she got there was already having fun. It is going to be a fun but busy year. Can't wait for all the new and exciting things that preschool with bring. She actually starts on August 27th so I will have pictures of her first day to post then.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8 Years Ago.....

.........I married a wonderful man. He has been a great husband and an even better dad. Thank you Steve for all you do for us. I love you and Happy Anniversary!!!!

Here some pics from my bridal pictures and our wedding!!

Reanna At the Dentist

This was Reanna's 3rd time at the dentist but the 1st time I have remembered my camera. She loves going to dentist. It couldn't be because they let her do what she wants like push all the buttons, let her watch TV and give her "tons" of goodies in her goody bag. I am so glad she is not afraid to go this makes it so much easier getting her there and through her cleaning!!

Hunter's 1 Year Pictures

I finally got around to posting Hunter's one year pictures. Sorry I didn't have a CD so I had to take a picture of pictures.

Hunter has been busy walking all over the place, got in another tooth and talking. His latest words are apple, we think Kitty and then Saturday night plain as day he said Jesse (which is my cousin's fiance). We are going to have another talker :-) Can't imagine where he gets that :-)

He has his 15th month appt. coming up at the end of this month so I should have stats then.