Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tim McGraw

One thing I forgot to mention on my June list was the Tim McGraw, Lady A and Love and Theft Concert (How I forgot that was beyond me). My friend Laurie and I's birthdays are in June so we treated ourselves to a ladies night out. We did a "little" shopping, ate in Old Town and then walked to the concert. Laurie was able to get us great seats!!!

Waiting patiently for Tim so we thought we would do a self portrait.
Lady A

"Need you Now"

I swear he was also pointing to me.....Laurie thought it was her :-)

The "other side" of things!! WOW

What a fun night! Thanks Laurie!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Craziness!!

Wow....I can't believe June is over, here is our month in a nutshell....

Ok, so this wasn't June this was in May but I forgot to blog about it. Every May, McPherson has an all schools day parade. This year Reanna and I walked in it supporting our Giving Hope Cancer Fund. This is a fund that I help set up in our community to help Cancer patients with things like medical bills, gas, prothesis, etc. Wow what an amazing thing to see the money going back into our community and getting to see it help people in need.

This was at Reanna's friend Mallorie's birthday party. Prior to the party, the 4 older kids went to the newly finished Opera House to watch the 3 Little Pigs. They put on a great show. Perfect for 3 & 4 year olds.

Hunter & Asher

Soaking up the sun!

The first week in June Reanna had VBS, she loved it. It is amazing how much they soak up. She teaches me a thing or two. It was during the day so mom was not able to help. But she had fun!

Starting the week after VBS, Reanna started Swimming lessons at the Memorial Home in Moundridge. They did a wonderful job with the kids. She learned so much in just the first couple of days. She attended for 2 weeks and successfully passed level 1 and is ready for level 2.

In between here somewhere, I had a birthday, it was a good day. My husband sent me gorgeous (much needed) roses to work and then mom, dad, Steve, the kids and I went for Supper and a swim!! What a wonderful way to spend my day with my family. I love you all and thank you for all you do!!

Then we finshed up T-Ball

This was her medal for completing T-Ball!

I really haven't forgotten about Hunter. He started walking just a few days ago. With a little bribery of ice cream and a goofy cow he likes, he started walking to and from nana and me. From then on he just randomly does it. It is not his first choice but I know he can do it. I don't have any pics because I was too busy getting video :-)
To finish out the month, Reanna went through with getting her ears pierced. She has been talking about doing it for awhile now but she finally decided she was ready. So Sunday we took her and like a big girl got it done. She wimpered a little bit and then was on to picking out new earrings.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Reanna started T-Ball, this was her first game. She enjoyed socializing and playing in the dirt her first game. Every game she seems to get better. Tonight she had two good catches.

Hunter's First Birthday

We celebrated Hunter's 1st Birthday memorial weekend. His theme was All-Star 1st Birthday.

Nana made the cake

Blowing out the candles


3 Generations

GG & Papa Don Aunt "Duh", Uncle Craig, Cass and Tucker

Cousins: Amber, Peggy, & Susan
Jay & Judi

Nana, Papa, Uncle Zo


Angie (Danica was busy playing with Reanna)

Trip to the Zoo

Memorial weekend we went to the zoo. We ended up getting an annual membership so we can go as often as we want during the year. It is perfect with little ones!!

This pic was suppose to be at the end but I couldn't get it to move but this is the sight after we headed home from the zoo!!
Sorry Amber, I had to add this!!!

Feeding the Goats