Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reality Check

We were driving through town, when on the side of the road a man with a big "camping" backpack was walking....here is how the conversation went:

Reanna: Mom is that guy going camping?
Me: No, he is not going camping
Reanna: Why does he have that backpack?
Me: He probably doesn't have a home
Reanna: Why doesn't he have a home?
Me: Because he doesn't have any money.
Reanna: Well Mom, you could share your money with him.

WOW! Talk about a reality check. It hit me square in the heart and I cried all the way home. Makes me thankful for what I do have and that we all need to be more like our kids and learn how to "share". We are always telling our kids to do things and they point out to us that we need to listen and put into place what we are telling them to do.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soccer Game #2

Flirting with the Boys already! Older ones at that!
Crab Soccer.

Little Bunny Foo-Foo Hopping through the Backyard

Last Sunday when I was mowing this little guy (or girl) jump out of the plants in the back yard. Scared me to death. But he was soooo cute. So we caught it and was going to call a couple places the next day to see if someone would take it. We found out though that most wild baby bunnies do not survive in a home and that we needed to release it. So I made Steve release back out behind our fence where it would be covered a little bit more than just in the middle of our yard. We were sad but new it was better than the outcome we could find some morning!

His bed for the night.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Soccer--Game 1

On Saturday, Reanna started Soccer, it was her first "game". It was a mixture of boys and girls ages 3-5, need I say more :-) They had a great time and did an awesome job!

Warming upCarter scoring
Another Carter (the one with the ball) :-)

Run Reanna
Hunter Cheering Sissy on


Getting ready for the big "Game"

Her Cheering Section
The cool down
Huddle Up

At the Circus!

We went Friday night to the circus in Wichita with our friends The Brunks! What A fun time!!!!!

You can't have a circus without cotton candy--can we say sugar rush!!
Waiting for the show to start


Performing Goats

Reanna riding a pony

Easter Day

Easter Day consisted of the Easter bunny coming to see the kids. They were up around 8:00 (not too early thank goodness) :0) And searched and searched and searched for eggs. After the morning festivities were over it was on to church. What an awesome service it was! PTL! After church we went to my parents house for lunch (fried chicken....my favorite). My aunt, uncle and cousines joined us. It was a BEAUTIFUL day.
Look Mom, What I found!!

Huntin' for Eggs

Trying to see if he can't get away with playing with the VCR today...
Their new chairs.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A busy Saturday

We started the day with an Easter Egg Hunt at the park, then on to a 1st birthday party for Asher and then time to color eggs.

Ready to hunt some eggs.

Lookin' for the pink ones :-)

Got one!

Pin the hat on Dr. Suess. Asher's birthday theme was Dr. Suess, it was adorable.

Yummy, this cake is soooo good!
On to coloring eggs---I think Uncle Zo enjoyed it more than Reanna!!

Nana was supervising
Good Job Zo!
Pretty Eggs.

They have to be just right. I wonder where she gets that from.
Papa and Hunter were just chillin'.
Finished Product!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Last but not least....

The whole reason for the trip was my cousin was getting married! She had a beautiful wedding and it was a great trip that we all enjoyed.
Mommy's Little Man

Rob and my cousin Alicia--Their first dance


How cute is that.....

Daddy's Little Princess

Reanna boogieing the night away.
This was her new dance....Have no idea where she learned it. At one point she was in the middle of a bunch of people that were dancing around her in a circle....Oh boy, can't wait until the school dances :-)

My little bro and me!

Sissy was getting REALLY sleepy by this time.

So Nana and Papa took them back to the hotel so mom and dad could enjoy the rest of the dance. Thanks Papa and Nana!
Good Morning Sunshine!!