Sunday, February 28, 2010

9 Month Pictures

Hunter turned 9 months old on Saturday and had his pictures taken. He also has his 9 month well child check on Monday ---so more to come on his 'stats'.

Sissy had some pictures too!

He was pulling her hair the whole time :-)

"Mommy's Big Boy"

"The Sweetest thing"

"Cool Dude"
"I know Mom"

"Watch Out here I Come"

Learnin' to Tie

Reanna has been practicing tieing her shoes and has been doing a great job. Daddy's shoes were really good to practice with cause they were BIG!! :)

Some Random Pictures

'Vroom, Vroom'
Playin on the ComputerNow this is the life!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Show 3-George Strait

My Mom and I went to what I would call one of the best entertaining concerts around. Leanne Womack, Reba Mcintire and George Strait. What more could you ask for? George is one of my of all time favorites since I was little (and I am talking like 4 years old little). My lifelong dream is to meet him unfortuately I didn't get that chance this time, but I am going to keep on trying! It was a fun night, enjoyed it thouroughly. This first section is on George, the next two posts are Reba's and Leannes. Enjoy!!

He was waving goodbye to me!! :-)
This is for all the ladies-----What a Wrangler Butt!

My heart was pounding too George!!!

Show 2-Reba

Wow!!! What a great entertainer. She did a great show and Melissa Peterman (aka 'Barbara Jean' for those of you who have watched Reba's TV show) was there.

Melissa Peterman

Reba can't have a concert without singing "Fancy"!!!!

Show 1-Leanne Womack

She has a song out called "There is a God". It is an incredible song!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lovin' the Ice Cream

We gave Hunter Ice Cream for the first time the other night. Note his reaction! I don't think he was too fond of it!

Makin' Some Valentine's

Reanna making Valentines for all her friends and family. She LOVES crafts. She tells me all the time "Mom, Nana has to help me because you don't know how to do crafts." Thanks Reanna!!! :)