Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little of This and That

Just some random things that have been going on....

1. Reanna and Mommy made some time to do a craft.....according to Reanna mommy isn't so good at doing crafts like nana is.....but after this night she changed her mind :-) Here are some pictures of her creation....

She did a good job! Mommy had to help with the tieing and her name but she did all the rest. (It is her name, a sunshine, smiling face, and I am not exactly sure the other item!! but I am sure there is a HUGE story behind it). She has and imagination that doesn't end.

2. We just heard back that she was accepted into her Pre-Kindergarten class. She will go MWF 12:15-2:45 at Sonshine Preschool. She doesn't start until August but I am already starting with the tears :-) Wow it seems like yesterday that she was born.

November 9, 2005


3. Hunter popped out yet another tooth this weekend. This makes number 4, two top and the two bottoms. And I believe two more on the bottom are soon to follow. He will be ready for steak before we know it :)
4. His new game that he loves to play is patty cake, he discovered about a month ago how to clap so he loves to play patty cake and clap and roll them..."all by myself" as big sister says!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Flower Girl

Aunt Amber (my cousin) ask Reanna if she would be her flower girl in her upcoming wedding. Reanna graciously accepted. Later on, my mom ask Reanna to tell what she was going to be in Ambers wedding. Reanna replied excitingly " A FLOWERPOT", hence the fact that she WAS a flower pot for Halloween. So on our trip to Wichita, we went into the Kids Formalwear Store in the mall and tried on flowergirl dresses. They were SO cute, it even brought a tear to my eye :-) Reanna can't wait to be a flowergirl, she was hoping Amber was getting married tomorrow! ha

Dress #1

Dress #2Dress #3 and "THE ONE"
She was thinking this was pretty cool!!
This was the pick for the dress. Now we have to find shoes and accessories of course :-)
Thank you Aunt Amber for asking me to be the Flowergirl, I can't wait!!

New Years Weekend

We stretched New Years out to the whole weekend. My cousin and her mom came down, we played cards, ate, sang, went shopping (and had chair massages....ahhhh), worked on her wedding stuff, etc. You name it we did it :-) Too bad it is over and we all have to go back to work tomorrow :-)
Here are some pics from our shopping adventure. We all set out to Wichita in my blazer---dad and Reanna in the back seat, Amber and I in the middle seat and Peggy and mom in the front, yes I let my mother drive, she claims to get car sick in the back....ha ha ha....Love you mom!!!

Here are the "bosses"
Amber and I were the backseat drivers.

Papa and Reanna "Stuffed" in the back seat. Not sure what she is doing to his ear :0)

Uncle Zo coloring with Reanna

7 Months

I am a little late but my little man turned 7 months old on the 28th. I haven't weighed or measured him but if I were to guess, I would say he was around 16 lbs and approx. 26" long. He is growing so fast. This weekend he popped out his 3rd tooth. This one is on the top. He is trying so hard to crawl properly (which means with out his head.) He gets up on his knees and uses his knees and head to move where he wants. Our Christmas tree is down so we are ready for him to start crawling whenever he is ready :-)