Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Princess' Castle

Aunt Donna sent Reanna a princess bed tent for her birthday. After a little bit of a struggle, mommy finally got it up.....Now the princess has her castle. She went to bed with no argument. However, I think there was a little bit of play time before she fell asleep. She had her flashlight and books tucked away :-)

Happy Birthday Jesus!

My friend Angie hosted a Birthday Party for Jesus. It was so fun, they had food, games, crafts and a gift exchange. What a way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!!

Blow out the candle for Jesus.

Singing Happy Birthday to Him.

Story time...The Christmas Story.

Gift Exchange

This is the tree that the kids decorated with ornaments telling what their favorite part of Christmas is. Reanna's was family....ahhh--How Sweet!!!

"Pinning" the pieces of the nativity scence

Our own Christmas light tour....

Sunday evening, we put jammies on the kids and loaded up to go look at Christmas lights. I enjoyed every moment of being with my family!! I love doing little things like this, it means so much!!

We went by Nana & Papas (aka..the Griswolds)

Next stop....Ice Cream. Why is it ice cream is the best on cold days?? :-)

Sissy sharing with her little brother.

Christmas Round 1

Each year we celebrate Christmas with our friends the Brunks. This year we went to Mcdonalds so the kids could eat, play and open presents.

The girls helping Hunter open his gift.

"Wow" "Cool"

Danica's Turn
Reanna's Turn

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wedding Pictures

Finally, I got around to posting pictures from Amber & Jesse's wedding that was in October. (thanks for the pics Amber)!!!

What a beautiful bride!!!!


The 2 flower girls....Trista and Reanna

Mom, Me, Amber, Peggy (Amber's mom)--My mom and Peggy grew up together and then Amber and I grew up together....I pushed for her to have a kid when I had Reanna but I guess I am going to have to have another to try to carry on the tradition so that our kids can grow up together :-) Hint, hint Amber

Love this one!!


Reanna and Hunter's new "uncle" Jesse
"The Limo awaits us"

The First Dance

Can't remember what was so funny.....

It was a gorgeous wedding, so thankful to be a part of it. Love you guys!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Preschool Christmas Program

Reanna had her preschool program yesterday afternoon. They did really great!! The link below is the slideshow that was playing at the program. Each of the older classes did a skit of the Nativity Scene and Reanna got to play Mary. She was very excited because she got to hold Baby Jesus!!
Most of you know that I don't like and am not a good cook. BUT....they needed cupcakes for the program, so I decided to cook them all by myself (I didn't even have to have my mom cook them) proud moment huh?? :-) The good part was Reanna helped me sprinkle them!! And they were actually pretty good!

Finished Product...

Peek a Boo....

Dad and Uncle Zo---I just thought this was a good pic of my brother!!

Love the hands on the hips!!
G-G and Papa Don

I am pretty sure he loves his niece and nephew!! They will miss him when he moves....(no guilt trip here)
Nana Sherri and Papa Ray were here also but Nana was taking the pictures and we couldn't find Papa Ray until we were getting ready to leave :)