Sunday, December 27, 2009

And to all a Goodnight!

We finished up Christmas today at my grandparents house in Marquette! It was again a good day. Thank you GG and Papa Don!

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, Reanna woke up surprised by gifts left from Santa. Hunter once again looked around, like what in the world is going on here :-)
Later in the morning --My brother, aunt, uncle and cousins, my grandparents, Steve's dad and us all went over to my parents house for Christmas Lunch and did a small gift exchange. Mom made a yummy ham (it is my favorite besides her fried chicken) and we played games. (The Girls won of course!!)
I forgot to mention in my previous blog that we ended Christmas Eve watching Elf---for most of us it was our 100th time to watch it but for my parents it was there 1st time to watch it--yes I said 1st :-) ha ha! What a way to end the evening. "Buddy the Elf, What's your favorite Color" (Just for you Zo!)

Reanna's new baby alive doll from Aunt "duh", Uncle Craig, Tucker and Cass.

New "Chucks" from Uncle Zo.

Tucker thought it would be fun to push Hunter around in Reanna's baby doll stroller. Reanna picked up on this real quick!!

Christmas Eve

Since Steve and I have been married, we have had a tradition on Christmas Eve. My family (Mom, Dad, Zo), Steve's Dad and us go to Christmas Eve service at Church and then go back to either my parents house or our house, have snacks and open gifts. This year was our first year to miss the Christmas Eve service. I chose not to take the kids out in the "blizzard" weather. It was so cold and blowing so bad I thought it would just be easier to stay home. At one point I thought about just Reanna and I going and Steve could stay home with Hunter, but as time got closer it just was blowing too hard and started snowing heavier. It is too bad we missed it, I love Christmas Eve (candlelight) Service. Since we stayed in everyone came to us to at least do the latter part of our tradition.

Getting ready for the festivities!
Is she sweet or what??
Yes I do have a Sooners shirt on.......Love you Steve!!
Hunter has learned how to clap so he was cheering big sister on in between playing with his new toys :-)
"Hit it Rock Star"....."Girls Just wanna Have Fun"
Reanna and her new Guitar with a microphone headset. She has been rockin all weekend
Ahh! My Little Angels!
Santa's remains (Reanna asked if she could finish the bite that Santa had not eaten).
He also left a note for Reanna and Hunter.
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with our family. We received some wonderful gifts and enjoyed our time with our families. If I can say so myself I LOVED ALL my gifts. Thank you all for everything. I love the holidays!

Christmas With the Brunks

Wednesday night we had Christmas with our friends the "Brunks". We started out by going to supper then came back to our house for the girls (& Hunter) to open gifts. After they opened gifts, they played while the adults caught up!! Thanks Brunks for a fun evening!

Danica & Reanna anxiously awaiting present time!!

Fun in the tub

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

Since I have not written in awhile, I have random thoughts to blog about :-)

1. Reanna sang in the Church Christmas program, she was suppose to sing at both services, so we got up REALLY early for first service and she decided she didn't want to sing at the first service. She told us she was scared but the ironic thing is she sang in the front row at the second service which has 10 times as many people :-) She did a great job though.

2. I love sleeping babies!!!

3. Saturday we went to Wichita to meet Jacie, her and her fiance had a child at the end of October and he was diagnosed with anecephely and lived for 51 minutes after he was born. Jacie's story was in the Wichita eagle and a friend of mine (Laurie) read it and passed on the story to me. I was sooo touched and moved by it, we (Laurie, my mom and I) felt we needed to do something to help and really wanted to meet her. So we collected some funds to give to her to help purchase baby Aiden a headstone and took off to meet her and her mom. They are such awesome people and has a huge amount of faith and love for God! I am so glad to get the chance to meet her.

4. This speaks for itself :-)

5. I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! God Bless you and your family!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Curious George Live!

For Reanna's Birthday we got her tickets to go see Curious George Live. It was soooo adorable. When we got the tickets we didn't know we would be 4 rows from the stage. We were able to see everything and she was focused the whole time :-) Mommy and Daddy enjoyed it almost as much!!

That Silly Monkey
Chef Piscetti

Daddy & Me
Mommy & Me

Awwww! George is so Cute.

The Finale
Streamers she caught that came out of the ceiling.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trolley Bus

Tonight we went on the Christmas Light tour on what Reanna calls the"Trolley Bus". McPherson has its own trolley that they give tours on and at Christmas time they do light tours. There were several neat houses done up and once again I forgot my camera so we had to use the one on my phone. I don't know what is wrong with me I am getting so forgetful :-)

The "TrolleyBus"

On a side note, Reanna goes tomorrow for some not so fun tests on her bladder and Kidneys (I mentioned the issues in an earlier blog), so if you have some extra prayers to throw her way, it would be much appreciated!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chistmas with the Neighbors!

Instead of doing gifts for all of the kids, we decided in place of that to have a little get together for the kids to play and decorate cookies (this is our 2nd year to do this). We all have a lot of fun doing this. This year we added another family and several more kids (total kids 2008-4, total 2009-8 plus one more on the way--and that would not be me :0)

The Little Boys

Hunter looking at Cole in Awe, wishing he could be that big. Mommy says "no" :-) All the Kids--Carter-3, Asher- 8 months, Reanna-4, Hunter-6 Months, Reece-3, Cru-10 Months, Mallorie-3, Cole-16 months. What a bunch of awesome kids!!

Reanna showing off her book from Santa

She asked him for a baby doll for Christmas.Hunter was checking him but did really well! Decorating Cookies---YUM YUM

The Finished Products!!!

All Santa'd Out :)