Friday, January 19, 2018

Christmas Time usual lots of pics and some are out of order....drives me crazy but too hard to rearrange :)  And would like to first and foremost say that Jesus is the reason for the season.  We want to put him first above all the activities, gifts and whatever else is happening during this time.  

The kids packed their Operation Christmas Child boxes.
 In early December, we had our Softball girls, some of their boyfriends who are on the college baseball teams and some friends over to ride the trolley to look at lights.

Hunter had too many girls around so he asked a friend to come with....

 I have crazy eyes in this pic

 The kids faces after a Christmas Party at Steve's work

 Caroling for the church

 Olaf was back this year....
 Hunter picked up he wrote him a note....too funny!
 My work place Christmas was dress up as a Christmas Movie Character....we were Todd and Margo from the Christmas Vacation movie
 And our actual neighbors were Clark and Ellen....So Funny!
 Enjoying an evening on the couch watching Hallmark and enjoy our Christmas decorations.

 Lights in our Jammies

 The kids did quite a few crafts during the break--and most of them were for Christmas gifts....those are the best gifts.

Finished product 

Making snowman clips
 Hunter and I's Christmas shopping date.  

 Reanna and I even did some Christmas candy baking

 Snow on Christmas eve!!! Was so very happy

 Chocolate Advent Calendar
 Ready for Santa
 Our Jesse Tree.  Jesse was the father of King David and Jesus is a descendant of King David.   Each night we would read a piece from the story of Jesse, David and the birth of Jesus and then hang an ornament on the "Jesse Tree".  
 More pics from Steve's Christmas Party

 Decorating our Tree....
 Yep, his face shows it....something fell.

 More of our trolley ride.

 Cookies and Cocoa afterwards.

 Opening their jammies, movies and a few extra things...

 Their favorite stuffed animals even got matching jammies too.  
 Sugar cookie time.....

 This year we did Christmas a little different.....we had family over on Christmas eve for snacks and gifts......

 Then Santa came Christmas morning....

 And then celebrated with Papa Ray at his house later that morning.  Papa Ray moved into Assisted Living right after the new year, so we decided to have Christmas at his house. 

 The Sunday after Christmas we celebrated Christmas at my grandparents.

 Kooper's annual snowflake ornament.

We hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.  Love spending time with friends and family and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!