Tuesday, March 20, 2018


This was Reanna's first year to play competitive volleyball.  She seemed to enjoy it. 

 2nd Place finish

 For most of the season she play Libero. 

Reanna Basketball Season

Little brother always "cheering" the girls on :)

 Their last game of the season, they pulled out a 1st place against a team that they had lost to several times.  What a great ending to their traveling basketball time. 

 Side note--Reanna was drawn at the local basketball game to have a chance to shoot for loot.  She didn't make it but had fun trying!
The girls all wore 'K's for Kaiden at one of their tournaments after he passed away. 

 Think Pink night at the High School game along with Homecoming!

 We were very excited about the Homecoming Queen....Mattea!! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy Valentines Day

Hunter's Valentine Box for School

 The kids do not normally get donuts for breakfast but a special occasion and they got sprinkled chocolate donuts along with their Valentines gifts from Steve and I. 
 Reanna didn't do Valentines for school now that she is in Middle school but she made these for a project in one of her classes.

 I posted notes on each of the kids' bathroom mirrors with things that describe them!

 Hunter made a special Valentine for a friend that is a girl :)

 This was one of the special gifts that was in her package.  A flower made of hearts :) He may have had some help making it.