Saturday, September 30, 2017

New York City

Recently, I had the chance to go to New York City on a Women's Trip.  I had a blast.  I am so ready to go back!! The Steve and I and the Kids all want to plan a trip back very soon.  There are tons of pics.....beware :) Some of them are out of order...sorry :) 

New York Pizza. YUM! 

 We stayed in Time Square, the city that never sleeps.
 9/11 Memorial....there are no words

 The famous Carmines Italian restaurant, very good food!

 Rockefeller Center

 Photobomber Amy.....and the SUV in the back ground was Alec Baldwins--He was leaving NBC studios as we were standing there.

 Central Park

 Grand Central Terminal

 Hudson River

 Johns Pizzeria that we ate at.....

 This was a restroom we used. One of the most expensive bathrooms around.... :) 

 New York Public Library

 Broadway Show--Groundhog Day
 Juniors is famous for their cheescake.....
 However I had a drink and a chocolate cupcake

 Chelsea Market was really neat, lots of different types of vendors and food.  
 The High Line

 Wall Street

 Battery Park

 Trinity Church--Beautiful

 The Friends apartment!!!

 We were pretty excited that we scored front row tickets to The Lion King Broadway Musical.  It was FANTASTIC!!!

 There was always food!!!
 Carnegie Hall

 More Central Park

 The MET 

 Saks 5th Ave.  We did go shop inside.  Amazing!!

 St. Patricks Cathedral.  These churches were incredible. 

 Cruise Line Tour

 Brooklyn Bridge

 Irish Rooftop Pub
 Good Morning America was taking place the last day before we left.  I had to get Hunter a pic of Ginger Z.

 Goodbye New York, I will miss you!

 Some extra pics of some of the places shown above.

Thanks Amber for going with me (and some of these pics).  I had a wonderful time!! 
Get ready New York for the Eilrich Family :)